Bancroft & Lyne

Release Date: Monday 23rd November 2020


This transatlantic duo delivers a dynamic, entertaining and intimate interpretation of beautiful songs. Sophie Bancroft’s voice and effortless guitar is gorgeous over Tom Lyne’s virtuoso bass. Their captivating storytelling and musicality is presented through a carefully chosen repertoire featuring their original contemporary jazz-based songs alongside classic jazz standards and covers of songs by the likes of Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell and Earth Wind And Fire. Echoes of Jill Scott, Rickie Lee Jones and Peggy Lee spring to mind.

DSC_6587 PScrop2“Brave, bright and engaging throughout”
Jazz Journal

“Stripped-down, intimate, warm and inviting jazz”
Democrat & Chronicle, New York

“Hip, cool and simply beautiful.”
Big Issue

“Stunning, fantastic, superb, amazing – all words and sentiments which were readily flowing last evening and quite so. A magical performance – thank you” MITR Venue Director, April 2016

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“Nothing short of completely captivating” David Kidman, FATEA online magazine

“If Dolly Parton was from Scotland and sang jazz for a living then that’s exactly how Jolene would have sounded.” Roddy Hart, BBC Radio Scotland

“Their performance, imbued with warmth and humour, was delightful” The Herald

“Theirs is new jazz from Scotland, and sounds amazingly full and powerful. You don’t miss the other instruments at all!” Alyn Shipton, The Guardian

“Sophie does the impossible. She makes jazz accessible and reaches people who wouldn’t normally touch jazz with a barge pole. Elements of Billie Holiday,
Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald.” The Big Issue

Photo by Douglas Robertson
Photo by Douglas Robertson
Bancroft & Lyne @ The Soundhouse

Music from Sophie Bancroft and Tom Lyne’s CD You Turned the Tables On Me.


The Bancroft & Lyne Living Room Sessions






Reviews of CD: YOU TURNED THE TABLES ON ME (Lisaleo 0701): Released August 2012

‘ You Turned The Tables On Me’ Featuring some of the most wonderful jazz standards alongside some of Sophie’s original songs inspired by a lifetime of listening to, performing and teaching jazz standards, their repertoire serves up a delightful combination of new and old songs from the mainstream and modern jazz tradition.

“It’a not easy to triumph in the exposed setting of bass and voice, but Sophie Bancroft succeeds with aplomb and more. If she’d made a straight melody reading on the opening ‘Doxy’ it would have been enough, but she drives into place all manner of subtle and engaging variations in both lyric and a spirited scat break. She does jazz everywhere too, not precious about her Scottish roots: on the traditional ‘O Can Ye Sew Cushions’ we get blues, not Brit-folk-as-jazz. It’s brave, bright and engaging throughout and much easier to tour than a big band, with no lack of presence.” Jazz Journal, Dec 2012

“Their intriguing new duo album” Alyn Shipton, BBC Radio 3, Oct 2012

“A mixture of standards (Ellington, Jobim, Rodgers and Hammerstein) and self-penned songs, this is a warmly evocative and relaxed set which will please a wide audience. Sophie sings and plays acoustic guitar in a duo with long-time partner Tom Lyne (bass). There isn’t really a duff track – and the subtle guitar and bass backing really enhance the vocals. Standout tracks: Sonny Rollins’ Doxy, Bancroft’s own Just Like the Leaves (especially Tom’s quoting of Autumn Leaves in the intro) and I’ll Love Him Still, and the title-track. Great late-night listening.” Martin Price, FATEA, Oct 2012