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SOPHIE’S WORDS: Spoken, Written and Sung


taut shiny       skin laden
with april showers, plump with
summer sun. delicate green, striated
rose blush gently cascading from the core
where once lay the stalk, an umbilical, ripped
in its prime. lordly overview to humble bowl.
placed with care on top of a haphazard
mound, leaning a resigned stillness,
curving silence, waiting for fingers
to enfold cool succulent flesh,
teeth penetrating peel
that surrenders the
first crisp bite

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SOPHIE’S WORDS: Spoken, Written and Sung

A poem about trying to create something – that fragile moment when ‘it’ needs to come to you without your mind getting in the way.


Tentative tendrils
Reach out to embrace a wisp of thought,
A soupcon of motivation,
A minutiae of meaning,
A feather-tip of feeling,
A crumb of connection.

The tiniest seed has been activated.
No sign of life, of energy,
But resonating with a fragile will
That can only ascend towards its potential.
Let it be.
It is but a seed.

As an acorn lies upon the forest bed,
No thoughts of magnificence shadow its first trembling,
No cries of greatness drown the gentle awakening,
No gargantuan branches swathed in glorious leaves
Hamper its singularly simple self-esteem.
Let it be.
It is but an acorn.

A thought, a whisper,
A tingle, a flicker.
Without expectation.
Without doubt.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Let it be.
It is but a start.

Women’s March

SOPHIE’S WORDS: Spoken, Written and Sung

On 21st January 2017, along with my daughter and husband,  I attended the amazing Womens March in Edinburgh. Loads and loads of gentle, strong women, children and men standing up against hatred and intolerance.  After the horrors of Brexit and the rise of Trump in 2016, standing amongst  those like-minded souls, and knowing there were hundreds of thousands more  standing around the world on the same day, gave me a strong and real sense of hope after feeling so much despair.

I wrote this poem afterwards, which I recently performed at Kino Teatr in Hastings – my first ever Spoken Word performance.

Women’s March

I stand, amidst the turbulence,
Feet wide and firm,
Trying to deflect the waves strong enough to topple,
To brace against the threatening furious fears,
To absorb the power to find the calm.

Can I shout waves loud enough to turn back this rising tide,
A rising tide I don’t want to see?
Do I whisper,
To reluctantly welcome the ebb and flow, surf the changes
Keeping my toes dry?
Or do I jump in and fight?
Risk drowning.
Risk being consumed by waves seemingly larger than myself.

I can duck and dive.
I can float and fly.
I can swim and sway like seaweed, tossed on the ocean floor,
Flailing arms in stormy seas,
Yet, remaining intact, tethered and safe.
I can ride the white horses in the direction I choose
And call the ocean’s spray to sing the words I want to hear.
The words I believe.

And like each tiny, unique snowflake that forms an avalanche
I am but one water molecule amongst a billion,
Bound with attraction to the same ideals.
Flowing in the same direction.
We will be a tsunami,
Ripping out the heart of the fascists, the racists, the sexists.

Yes, I am jumping in,
Feet first, with every intention of getting soaked.


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