“Refreshing and utterly magical” The Herald

“Over the years she’s drawn comparison to several world-class artists, including Peggy Lee, Alison Krauss and Norah Jones. That sort of information comes as no great surprise once you’ve had the chance to hear Bancroft sing. Her voice is a perfect instrument.” Leicester Bangs

 Thoroughly enjoyed the summers gigs with my duo  ‘Bancroft & Lyne’ so far – please visit our new website www.bancroftlyne.com to check out what we are up to next.

I am also very excited to have received funding from Creative Scotland’s Quality Production Fund to enable me to project some of the photographs I have taken, on my daily walks around Scotland, during my performances with Bancroft and Lyne. These images often reflect what inspire me to write, so it is amazing to be able to perform and be surrounded by inspiring images all at the same time, and something I am keen to share.

Photo by Gordon Davies of me performing in the Creative Space at ‘Heidland’ surrounded by projections of my photos.


The funding from Creative Scotland will also enable me to record some of my songs with the phenomenal American jazz pianist Louis Durra, who I collaborated with in 2013 for the ‘Made In Scotland’ Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We have booked the studio for October 2014, and are currently preparing arrangements for some of my previous songs, as well as recently written ones, and perhaps even ones that havn’t been written yet. You can check out a little of what Louis and I got up to last year here.

Meanwhile, keep track of all the vocal and song-writing workshop dates on the TEACHING WORKSHOPS PAGE as these workshops do all tend to sell out.

Highlights of 2013

Sophie’s song ‘Calgary Bay’ recorded by LIANE CARROLL and the PRAGUE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA with orchestration by Grammy award-winning orchestrator CHRIS WALDEN and Grammy nominated producer JAMES McMILLAN. Released on QuietMoney Recordings in April 2013.

Sophie was selected to showcase her song-writing with American jazz pianist LOUIS DURRA during the 2013 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in the prestigious MADE IN SCOTLAND SHOWCASE.

Sophie’s ‘Made In Scotland Showcase’ concerts with Louis Durra were listed as one of the TOP 50 MUST-SEE EVENTS IN THE EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL by THE SCOTSMAN.

SOPHIE BANCROFT and TOM LYNE performed to sell out audiences in Alberta, Canada, the Gala Concert at the Leith Jazz Festival and the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival.

Sophie is a member of the renowned PATHHEAD MUSIC COLLECTIVE who were awarded the CREATIVE PLACE AWARD 2013 by CREATIVE SCOTLAND.