Sophie is an experienced jazz educator renowned for her vocal teaching skills, and is currently one of the most in-demand vocal tutors in Britain. She teaches on vocal jazz workshops around Britain and Europe with jazz vocalists Liane Carroll and Sara Colman  as well as running regular 4-student intensive vocal workshops with bassist and music educator Tom Lyne from their home in central Scotland. She has numerous private students ranging from professional vocalists to complete beginners alongside being Contemporary and Jazz Vocal tutor at Aberdeen University. She also organises and teaches on songwriting and creative writing workshops. She recently gained a Masters with Distinction in Creative Writing.  During this challenging phase of Covid 19 Sophie has shifted her individual teaching and small group and masterclass teaching to online using Zoom which has been a successful transition.

Student testimonials from online masterclasses during lockdown:

  • “With your very positive and encouraging words you created a safe place for learning/experimenting.”
  • “Your online masterclasses have provided me with regular practise, a deadline / structure to learn new material for, a window of song in the week, a commitment to music. I loved the expanse of participants from the world over and your love, support, encouragement and generosity.”
  • “Taking part in these really inspired me and the online format made it possible for me to do.”

• Teaching methods devised from jazz vocal techniques
• Work with genres including jazz, pop, soul, folk, rock, r ‘n’ b, electronic, country, acoustic
• Experience your own voice
• Develop your individual self-expression and creativity
• Build confidence in your voice
• Vocal and Breathing techniques
• Ear training
• Improvisation
• Phrasing and musicality
• Song interpretation
• Microphone technique
• Define your vocal range
• How to work with a band
• Practice technique
• Self-accompaniment skills
• Song arrangement skills
• Repertoire, chord charts and song keys


Study Six Series by Sophie Bancroft
Learn the written melody and practise with a backing track – charts included.
 A series of jazz standards with the basic written melody sung by Sophie for learning purposes followed by a seperate backing track with guitar and double bass to practise with (the songs are performed in a midrange key for female voices). The CDs, each containing 6 standards, are accompanied by charts of the arrangement recorded on the backing track.

“Just when I thought I would never sing again, you have helped to open up a new window in life for me “
“What a teacher! Many thanks for everything”
“You bring out the best in everyone”
“Thanks for sharing your love of jazz with me”
“Your help and encouragement have been wonderful”
“An inspiration to me”
“Thank you so much for all the amazing teaching you have given me”
“Thank you very much for concentrating on us so deeply and thoroughly and for always knowing where we are going. You are a fantastic teacher!”
“I’m inspired now and longing to do more”

Previous teaching posts include:

Jazz Vocal Tutor at the Mediterranean Jazz Summer School run by Clive Fenner.

Jazz vocal tutor at the City of Edinburgh Music School.

Vocal tutor at the University of Strathclyde on the BA Applied Music Course.

Vocal tutor at Newcastle University

Tutor on the Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz Workshop.

Songwriting tutor in various secondary and primary schools around Scotland.

Workshop leader for various community projects using vocal techniques, improvisation and songwriting
with elderly people, teenagers, special needs children, adults and primary school children.

Britains first Jazz Education Development Officer 1990 – 1991 for Jazz South and South West Jazz.

Vocal Tutor at Creative Stage School, Selkirk.