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Calgary Bay

– moving, atmospheric song, grief, positivity, beauty, peace, “There are a couple of surprises: Sophie Bancroft’s exquisite ‘Calgary Bay’ and Todd Rundgren’s ‘Pretending To Care’. Heard back to back , they form an indescribably moving centrepiece.” JAZZWISE reviewing Liane Carroll’s CD ‘Ballads’.

BALLAD – Voice with guitar, double bass and piano:

I Would Rather Be Me

– upbeat, cheeky, funny song about being happy with how you are.
“Lyrically too she is on good form, taking on the body fascists with I Would Rather Be Me” SUNDAY HERALD 

Bright, 6/8 feel – Voice with Jazz Piano:
Bright, 6/8 feel – Voice with guitar, double bass and accordion:

I Carried Your Heart

– moving, heartfelt song about time passing through a life – relationship, children, getting older etc.
“the traditional-sounding I Carried Your Heart conveys a compelling mood of yearning and time passing” FOLK AND ROOTS
“the waltzing I Carried Your Heart’s age-enduring love song, touching on a theme of passing years” NET RHYTHMS

6/8 feel folk song – Voice with guitars, double bass, fiddle and backing vocals:

Cruel Or Just Kind

– upbeat swing tune, discussing whether someone is being honest and clear.

SMOKEY/SULTRY SWING – Voice with jazz piano, guitar, double bass, drums:
HIGH ENERGY SWING – Voice with jazz piano:


– heartfelt and moving look at the depth of love for one’s home country.
“Home shows evident deep affection for same” FOLK AND ROOTS

FOLK BALLAD/HYMNAL – Voice with jazz piano:
FOLKY STRAIGHT 8 FEEL – Voice with guitar, piano, fiddle and double bass:

This Time

 – a sad song about the tricky side of communication in a relationship

BALLAD – Voice with jazz piano:
MEDIUM COUNTRY FEEL – Voice with band:

Sleepy Time

– atmospheric, eery lullaby

BALLAD – Voice with jazz piano:

Miles Away

– song of longing, being far away from someone

BALLAD  – Voice, guitar and bass:
BALLAD – Voice with jazz piano:

Lighthouse Man

– atmospheric, misty, foggy, being involved with someone who keeps their distance.

BALLAD – Voice with jazz piano:
BALLAD – Voice with guitar and bass:

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