Here We Are

The Pathhead Choir Songwriting Project

The Pathhead Choir Songwriting Project 2023

Back in late 2021, Autumn Voices – an organisation that seeks to celebrate creativity in later life – invited outline proposals for projects which would help build partnerships in local communities by involving members of local organisations who were aged 60+ in creative activities. They supported Sophie Bancroft (songwriter, musician and member of the award-winning Pathhead Music Collective) to develop her proposal for a song-writing project with The Pathhead Choir and the project received funding
from Creative Scotland and The Hope Scott Trust.

The project has enabled Sophie to facilitate some of the older choir members to write lyrics for new songs for the choir which Sophie then completed by composing the melodies and music. These songs were then arranged for choir by five of the musicians, music arrangers and fellow Pathhead Music Collective members: Gina Rae, Tom Lyne, Dave Milligan, Tom Bancroft and Corrina Hewat. The songs were then learnt by The Pathhead Choir during their summer term and were performed at three concerts around the Lothians during June 2023, accompanied by Dave Milligan on piano and conducted by Sophie Bancroft and Gina Rae.

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VIDEOS and MUSIC of each song
We would love it if you and your choir learnt and performed some of our songs
– please take a look and a listen
– click on the song image to watch the video of the choir performance
– follow the song music link to access the choir score and SATB parts to download
– please send us videos of you performing or rehearsing any of our songs so we can see how far they travel

Here We Are – alto part
Here We Are – baritone part
Here We Are – piano part
Here We Are – soprano part
Here We Are – tenor part
Here We Are – full score

Feather – full score
Feather – soprano part
Feather – bass part
Feather – alto part
Feather – tenor part

Beach Escape – full score
Beach Escape – reduced SATB part
Beach Escape – soprano part
Beach Escape – alto part
Beach Escape – tenor part
Beach Escape – bass part

I Remember – lead sheet
I Remember – full score
I Remember – soprano part
I Remember – alto part
I Remember – tenor/bass part

Face In The Mirror – lead sheet
Face In The Mirror – full score
Face In The Mirror – soprano part
Face In The Mirror – alto part
Face In The Mirror – tenor part
Face In The Mirror – baritone part

Hand-Me-Down – lead sheet

Grandad’s Biscuit Tin – lead sheet

Tree Of Life lead sheet

The HERE WE ARE Podcast Series

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