Sophie Bancroft is a singer, songwriter, poet, writer, filmmaker and music educator. Her music has been used on American hit TV series ‘Six Feet Under’ and recorded by various award winning artistes including jazz vocalist Liane Carroll and pianist Louis Durra. She was awarded a Masters with Distinction in Creative Writing in 2019 and is now a published writer of personal essays and poetry. One of her short film poems was screened at the ‘Women Over Fifty Film Festival’ 2021 and Italian film festival Cinema D’Idea in 2022.  Sophie has been commissioned to write songs for a new musical being written by Ron Coleman from Deepness Dementia Media which will tour Scotland in 2023.

A confident musical voice that is distinctly jazz-based, Sophie writes and performs with an inspirational folk expression, alongside the wit, sensuality and expressive minimalism of a jazz vocalist.

“Her glorious tonal intonation – both as a guitarist and vocalist, and her articulation of the lyric – draws you in, deep inside the song’s stories and emotions of the characters she brings to life with such vividness. By digging into the meaning of words and phrases and then letting them live again in the floating lyric, Sophie Bancroft seems to suggest that music speaks to her in the intimacy of her heart. And she pays it forward by making the songs come alive with uncommon poise and elegance.” JAZZ DA GAMA

Alongside her writing and performance career, she is a busy music educator with an extensive online masterclass, in-person workshop and private lessons schedule.  She has also designed a series of greetings cards featuring her landscape photography, lyrics and songs.

One of JazzViews top albums of 2020


“an album of the highest class, superbly produced, and entertaining”

“jazz and folk, delivered with an intimacy and joy”

This is music to chill to, possibly over a nightcap. Bancroft’s lyrics are thoughtful and poignant, the overall sound calming and warm – just the ticket for the present, Covid times.”

“an album to absolutely die for”

“Bancroft & Lyne are first-class jazz performers, improvisers and songwriters.
Their performances here are upbeat, musical and subtle,
and surprisingly made me totally forget about our COVID outbreak isolation lockdown.”

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