Online Masterclasses

Full info about each type of masterclass is below the schedule.


More masterclasses will be scheduled for summer 2023 – info coming soon

Get together with 2 of your singing pals (3 people for a masterclass), decide on a jazz standard you would like to focus on for the masterclass and contact me to fix up a zoom date – £25 per person.

To book a masterclass please click here and choose the date and time of your chosen masterclass on my automated booking system – if you can’t find the date/time it’s because it is booked up – email me to let me know you would like a place and I might be able to add in another date and time.

Please contact me for more info.

About the Working-With-A-Song Masterclass – 60 mins, max 3 students, £25 (£20 per masterclass if you book 2 or more), led by Sophie Bancroft.
Using one of the great jazz standards we will examine vocal technique, phrasing, tempo and groove. Individual singing sections. I encourage participants to use IReal Pro backing tracks and I will also accompany with guitar during parts of the workshop. Included in the masterclass fee I will send you a lead sheet and MP3 of me singing the written melody of the song for you to learn aurally.

Student Testimonials from previous online masterclasses

“I’ve loved the regular practise - a deadline / structure to learn new material for. A window of song in the week! A commitment to music. The expanse of participants - the world over.”

”Things I have enjoyed about your online masterclasses: Having you go through the chord progressions (on your guitar/ great playing), practicing the improv with you playing and getting the song info before the class to start learning the song. Trying different feels/grooves, feeding ideas to different approaches to the song. Hearing your very positive and encouraging words. you created a safe place for learning/experimenting. ”

”Your online masterclasses have given me the opportunity to learn new repertoire; gain confidence; a chance to try out and develop improvisation; sing in front of other people; get feedback; listen to others. ”

”I’ve loved your sessions and have really reconnected with singing which is one good thing to have come out of these troubled times at least. ”

”The group sessions are affordable for me and I really like the interaction with the other singers.”

”The online masterclasses really motivated me and think loads more about singing/music in general - I found them quite inspiring and really good to listen to different versions and just think a lot more about a song each week. ”

”I liked the workshop feel of the sessions, practising different tempo’s/styles (really useful and challenging) and have really appreciated the sheet music and practise track approach for practise (really good value). ”

”I enjoyed getting to meet others who share my passion for singing jazz standards.”

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