Writing Corner

This is a spoken word piece!
You can see / hear it on my YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/Ta4ICt-OXj4


Here in this corner
is the chair where I write
surrounded by pictures
and photos reminding
what came before now
and what I’m still finding
in life, but whatever,
they’re all filled with treasure
that fuel imagination
and my attempts at creation.

And these are the bulbs
That illuminate words
that come to my head
in this corner,
like I said.

And when I say write
I actually mean tap,
As my fingertips creep
on the letters that peep up
just high enough
for my fingers to find
so they can tip tap tip
as I think about rhymes.

And when I say rhyme
I can’t always find time
in a line that i’m writing
to be more exciting,
by using a word
like a word that was heard
in the line that it followed,
and sometimes I find
it doesn’t need to rhyme
at all.

and this is the tray
that angles my screen
so it’s easily seen
as I tip and I tap,
whilst the screen on my lap
flickers greys and cream
and the words tumble black
inhabiting space
known once as a blank page
before we became
the digital race.

And I try to find time
and I try to find quiet
to sit in my corner
and unpick the riot
that clutters my head
with this thought and that
as words prove elusive
in defining the narrative
that feels right for today
in its mysterious way,
all I need is the start point
for tipping and tapping
and finding right words
to describe what is happening.
will this story unfold
and somehow make sense>
should I write in first person
in future or past tense?
I must show and not tell
avoiding adjectives
should I define a plan
be clear of objectives
or shall I just sit
in my comfortable chair
and see what i might pluck
right out of the air
as I sit in my corner
the one where i write
as I sit in my corner
from morning till night.


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